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The Narwhal

Christmas Present Wrapping

I opened an etsy store!

I decided to open an etsy store to showcase and sell some of the crafts I make both on camera and behind the scenes. I will add it to the menu items and you can access it by going here: Tallulah Mae’d This



The pattern of things. An Easter egg for fans.

As some of you may or may not have noticed, a lot of my role plays seem to exist in the same universe. They reference each other.

While not recorded in the correct order, you can watch them in the POV order like this:

  1. Tallulah’s Pawn
  2. Your Interstellar Journey Prep
  3. Post Apocalyptic Recruitment
  4. Post Apocalyptic Check-Up

I will update this list as more videos in this universe are created.

ASMR Sound Assortment

Post Apocalyptic II: Check-Up

Applying alcohol inks to ceramics

Jurassic West Excursion Planning

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